Pro Silva Ireland Open Day

Baronscourt Estate welcomed Pro Silva Ireland’s Forest Open day on, Friday 3rd Oct 2014, with guest forester Phil Morgan. It was a very well attended day with over 70 people from all over Ireland, despite the threat of serious rainfall (it started to rain just as everyone left).

Pro Silva 2014(2)

Representatives from Coillte and the Northern Ireland Forest Service attended, as well as two German foresters together with many forest owners and contractors made up the audience. The focus of the day was primarily in conifer woodland where a range of different treatments have been carried out.

Pro Silva 2014

There was very lively discussion and discourse throughout the day.  With a number of topics being covered:

  • Graduated Density thinning in 1st and 2nd thinning in Sitka Spruce (SS)
  • Crown and Target diameter thinning in subsequent thinning in SS
  • Tending in Birch natural regeneration.
  • Area restocking with Oak with planned CCF management in the future
  • AFI Inventory, how the Inventory is taken

Baronscourt Estate has a very long association with forestry that goes back at least to the late 1800’s.  The forestry operation at Baronscourt covers approximately 1,150 ha of commercial woodland.  The majority of the conifers grown are:  Sitka Spruce, Norway Spruce, Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, European, Hybrid &  Japanese  Larch, Scots, Lodgepole & Monterey Pine, Western Red Cedar, Lawson Cypress, Atlas & Deodar Cedar, Chilean Pine (monkey puzzle) and Giant Sequoia.

In September 2001 Baronscourt Estate started a management conversion of its forest to “Continuous Cover Forestry” (CCF)

The aim of this conversion is to enhance the stability within the forest structure from wind, soil erosion, and climate mitigation. Also that a multi-age (uneven) and multi-specie forest structure has significant economic, environmental, and social benefits in comparison to standard plantation forestry.

The Estate would like to thank Phil Morgan, Chairperson Padraig O’Tuama, Donal O’Hare, Robert Scott and Jim Simpson for organizing the day.

Traditional Country Sports in Northern Ireland

Salmon Fishing

The River Mourne has seen the first significant run of Salmon with fish reports coming in throughout the area.  If you would like come and stay with us in one of our Stable yard Cottages and test your casting skills on Baronscourt’s stretch of the Mourne, please contact the office.

Happy Angler with 8lb Salmon caught in the Snaa

Happy Angler with 8lb Salmon caught in the Snaa

Woodcock and Snipe Shooting

Entertain your friends and guests “At Home” in Belle Isle Castle, we have a few available dates for a fabulous Wild Shooting experience at Belle Isle Estate.  For further information on this special offering, call us on 0288 166 1683.

Woodcock on wing

Special Offers for Baronscourt Holiday Cottages

Don’t miss this wonderful  winter warmer 2014

Are you looking for a relaxing 3 nights or more?  Want to leave the hustle and bustle of busy working life behind?  Baronscourt Estate is the place for you to relax…

The Governors Lodge - Baronscourt Estate

The Governors Lodge – Baronscourt Estate


We have put together a special offer which is available to book until the 31st January and must be taken before the 31st March 2015.

Book 3 nights and get the 4th FREE in one of our stunning 4* NITB Holiday Cottages.

Included in your stay: Logs for the fire, and venison burgers and sausages for our award winning game larder.

Please call the office on 028 8166 1683 to make your booking

‘Chris Tarrant Goes Fishing’

Chris Tarrant Goes Fishing


For all those seasoned and budding fisherman out there…look at what’s coming to Channel 5 on the 8th November. Baronscourt Estate will be featuring on this new series with ‘Chris Tarrant goes fishing’.

This new series starts on the 1st November at 7pm and will feature fishing in four very different locations: The Maldives, Northern Ireland, Yukon and Chew Valley Lake. Chris is joined on his adventures by professional angler/guide and friend John Horsey.

Week 2 of the series – Northern Ireland

In the second episode Chris and I are back to reality with a bump when we visit Northern Ireland. There is a bit of rain about, in fact there’s a lot of rain about but in between the showers we fish one of the most beautiful estates in the British Isles, Baronscourt Estate. This glorious environment bathes in dreamy late summer sunshine as we seek pike and salmon. This picturesque setting provides a natural network of streams and loughs throughout the centuries old estate, all full of pike and trout. Lord Hamilton takes time out to talk to us about the problems and joys of running such a massive sporting resource and the Ghillies are full of typical Irish blarney. In many ways this was one of the most challenging assignments.

“Irish McNab filmed at Baronscourt Estate”

Field Sports Channel
On Saturday, 14th September, Chris de Margary completed an outstanding achievement of completing a McNab.  After a 3 hour walk into the Glenmore hills, Donegal, he managed to shoot a grouse (for conservation reasons this was restricted to a single bird), then caught a 7 lb salmon in the Blackstone pool, on the Estate’s stretch of the River Strule using a Sunday Shadow.  Heading then to the Estate, and using the expertise of the Estate stalker just as light was fading at the end of the day, he managed to shoot a Japanese Sika stag.  This was all filmed by Charlie Jacoby for Field Sport Channel
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