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Great Taste Awards 2017

Wow, what a fabulous year for Baronscourt Estate once again.  We still can’t believe it when we received one of these prestigious accolades. This is one of our finest years yet, and another one for Northern Irish Produce as a whole, with 7 producers being awarded 3 gold stars. Only 165 of these are awarded out of 12,366 entries.

Judges comments:

Wild Sika Venison Loin 3 Stars

“A neat little venison loin on the platter, offering hope of fine flavour and a gentle nature. Remarkably tender, but having a real richness and a gamey note that more than fulfilled its potential”

“Gamey but fresh aroma, melts in the mouth with a bit of calf’s liver quality, a possible hint of grassiness from the forage. Quite delicate, the flavour does not linger but is subtle”

“A good looking loin, some good game flavours and lingering length but a grainy texture which leaves a very fine granular mouthfeel as the meat is eaten”

“Well it’s simple perfection, there’s nothing more to say. A privilege to taste this”

“Beautifully juicy and richly flavoured. Very lean and well flavoured venison”

Wild Sika Venison French Rack 2 Stars

“A pretty rack of venison here offering promise of good times ahead. Did they arrive? Oh yes! A rich gamey meat with tender attributes”

“A well trimmed rack of venison with a rich dark colour and succulent on first bite. The texture is meltingly soft. The flavour is very natural, almost delicate but with very clean venison characteristics. The texture is very good – no graininess at all”

“Very tender. Flavour is extremely delicate”

“Really well flavoured venison, very juicy and tender. Good looking, well butchered cut”

Wild Sika Venison Burger 2 Stars

“Delicious-looking burgers with a rich, sweet, meaty aroma. It looks like it’s a coarse mince but we were amazed on eating at how soft it is. It almost melts. One judge who doesn’t like venison really liked it”

“This is Great Taste awards – it delivered!”

“Attractive rustic looking burgers, not too regular. We liked the softness of the meat and distinctive flavour with a balance of sweetness and gaminess – seasoning very good”

“A good looking burger, very moist and soft to the tooth – the flavour of venison is wonderful. Rich, good fat, sweetness and a balance of seasoning – well done and keep making these burgers!”

Wild Sika Venison Sausage 1 Star

“These look handmade and rustic, with a rich colour, a deep venison smell and a good close texture. The first taste is promising”.

“We like the well cooked chipolata style appearance, the aroma is nice and natural, and we like the delicate flavour notes. The game flavour profile comes through well too. We like the grind of the meat and seasoning too”

“A well filled sausage. We like the venison: its moisture level and the lingering richness on the palate”

Great Taste Awards 2016




We are delighted and honoured to have been awarded another gold star for our delicious wild venison French Rack.

Wild Sika Venison French Rack 1 Star

Here are the comments from the Great Taste Judges:

“Good visuals and presentation, the flavour is very rewarding, immediately meaty without being too gamey, with a clean aftertaste.  The fat is clean on the palate and the texture is firm but not tough. We unanimously felt this was a star product.”

“Nicely French-trimmed, we would like this to be a little more ‘melting’ but a good light flavour venison rack.”

Great Taste Awards 2015

GT 15 3-star (3) GT 15 1-star (3)

GT 15 1-star (3)

GT 15 Top 50 (3)




Another spectacular year for our wild Northern Irish venison.  We are privileged to have been recognised for the second year in a row, this would not be possible without our dedicated team whose efforts are endless, and to the wild deer who choose to live on our Estate.

Here are the comments from the Judges:

Wild Sika Venison French Rack 3 Stars

“Looks beautifully prepared – it’s been butchered and ‘Frenched’ very carefully.”

“A really excellent flavour – delicate – not too gamey – soft, velvety, and tender. Faultless.”

“Such a natural, beautiful piece of meat. A pleasure to taste. Cuts beautifully.”

“What a wonderful looking cut of venison, deep, rich & medium rare. It eats beautifully & is not over hung, we love the smooth, rich but delicate flavours.”

“Lovely sweet gaminess to this venison and the meat is very tender and has a wonderfully melting texture.”

Wild Sika Venison Loin 1 Star

“Beautifully browned in the pan. Cuts really nicely.”

“Savory aromas are coming from the plate. It’s really tender in the mouth, with a lovely subtle venison taste. Great piece of venison.”

“A beautiful looking piece of meat. Wonderfully tender and full of flavour.”

Wild Sika Venison Sausage 1 Star

“A good rustic-looking sausage with a rich, dark skin, and a good amount of rusk, this has a satisfyingly complex range of flavours.”

“There’s a lovely gamey, rich flavour…the meat is clearly good quality.”

Golden Fork for Northern Ireland

This is the highest accolade we could only have ever dreamed of being awarded.  Luckily for us, Peter Hannan took a year off!  The video says it all:

Top 50 Foods

For the 2nd year running, we have been privileged to have received this fantastic award, being 1 of the Top 50 Foods out of 10,000 entries for our Wild Sika French Rack.

“Baronscourt Estate was commended for this “buttery” venison rack.  The judges were seduced by the “toasty, wild, hay and offal” notes on the palate and the meat’s long lasting flavour.”

Great Taste Awards 2014

GT 14 2-starGT 14 3-star

Top 50 2014 (4)




Here are the lovely comments and reviews from the Great Taste Judges.

Wild Venison French Rack 2 Stars

“Full of flavour, tender, well-trimmed and butchered, succulent, juicy and a subtle natural flavour which is not too gamey”

“Deliciously tender and so many flavours going on. A really great-tasting product”

“Great appearance and lean and cooked perfectly – juicy and flavoursome”

“A good-looking joint. Good balance of gaminess. Tender and moist. A great tasting product which would be difficult to improve other than hanging for longer to get more gamey flavour – which some would not like”

Wild Sika Venison Loin 3 Stars

“Beautiful joint, nice and soft texture but not too gamey. Very tender and lean”

“Very interesting texture and delicate yet gamey flavour”

“Impressive texture, flavour, succulence and character without being overpoweringly gamey. Delicious and long lasting flavours”

Top 50 Foods

We have been privileged to have received another fantastic award, being 1 of the Top 50 Foods out of 10,000 entries. Here is a review from Nigel Barden, a BBC Radio 2 Food & Drink Correspondent on our beautifully produced, and naturally wild Sika venison.

‘Naturally Wild since 1751

Baronscourt Estate is the home of Ireland’s finest wild venison, situated in the foothills of the famous Sperrin Mountains in County Tyrone.  The herd of Japanese Sika deer were initially introduced into a deer park in 1751, but since 1920 they have existed wild on the Estate.  Baronscourt’s Sika deer thrive in our forests and woodlands on the Estate’s natural and nourishing flora and fauna.  Throughout the year they feed on succulent myrtle bog, ryegrass and tasty saplings which are naturally free of any additives or growth promoters.

As the origin of our food becomes increasingly important, we know that traceability is key – something which we can stand over.   We are highly selective of the quality of meat due to rigorous training of our expert stalkers, as well as the food preparation in our EU approved game handling facility.  All our meat is vet inspected and passed before leaving the Estate.

Baronscourt wild venison a sustainable source of meat; an annual deer count is arranged each year by our trained stalkers who assess the population and its general health.  A selective cull takes place in order to balance the breeding population with the likely food source for the season.  The Estate’s detailed management of this herd was recognised when it received the Laurent Perrier Award for Wild Game Conservation.  Sika is a very lean and succulent meat, having the lowest calories and cholesterol levels compared to any other red meat products.  Combined with the high levels of protein; venison can be classified as a red meat “super food”.

In addition to high quality venison, the Estate also produces oven ready Pheasants during the season, all of which are home reared.  As Game is a seasonal product, the availability runs between October and March and as a result, all Baronscourt Game products are assured to be both fresh and of the highest quality.  Our range of products have been specifically created with the naturally wild, yet unique and practical elements in mind.  We know it will ‘hit the spot’ for your winter dishes!  Our price and product list is being reviewed for the forthcoming season, 2015/16.


REMEMBER – available direct from the Estate, our unique and pure burgers and sausages are perfect for your BBQ’s, group events, and for humble home cooking.


  • Haunch
  • Devour Leg
  • Leg Steaks
  • Rolled and deboned Haunch
  • Saddle
  • Loin/Fillet
  • French Rack
  • Rolled Shoulder
  • Stewing Pieces
  • Burgers and Sausages
  • Pheasant

Note: All meat is fully traceable, vet inspected and processed on site. Products are sold frozen unless ordered specifically. What you receive will always be good natural quality! Call down to the Estate office between 9am and 5pm on Wednesdays to make your collections. Due to popularity, we strongly recommend ordering ahead to ensure availability and to place large orders – call us on +44 (0) 28 8166 1683.

Where to try:

Any Hastings Hotel

Red Pepper – Castlederg, Head Chef, Colin Mc Menamin

Lough Erne Resort – Enniskillen, Head Chef, Noel McMeel

Grants Restaurant – Omagh, Head Chef, Alex McPhee

James Street South, Belfast

Ox, Belfast

Who uses it:

Posh Nosh – Corporate and Private Events

Wolf & Devour – Food Festivals and Private Events

Tricycle Trading – Food Festivals and Private Events

Broughgammon – Farmers Markets, Food Festivals, and Private Events

Carnbrooke Meats – Purveyors of quality Northern Irish Produce

Where to buy:

Fortnum & Masons – Piccadilly, London

Stewarts Butchers – Enniskillen, head butcher and owner Shane Stewart

We are also members of FoodNI

A new profile with Invest NI (Buy NI Food)

We now also feature on the Taste of Game website too, which assists in the promotion of the use of wild and home reared game products not only for restaurants, but great recipe ideas for home cooking too.

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