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July started off in cracking fashion with 12 fish caught in the first three days, then heavy rain came. In the second week of July, with water levels dropping, 14 fish were caught, the largest being 12lb in the Snaa pool, using a cone head “flamethrower”.  A visiting angler, C Lodge, from the Bahamas, caught a lovely 10lb salmon using another cone head, this salmon provided a very lengthy battle. After low water in the middle of the month (18th ) a few days rain left the water coloured and unfishable.  Water conditions settled with 8 fish being caught in the following couple of days  (21st – 23rd). Consistently showery weather last week has left the water very high, coloured and unfishable on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Water was coming back into order on Saturday with a total of 10 fish caught on Saturday and Sunday including the largest fish this month being a 15lb salmon caught on on the Top Beat (Lisnagirk pool).  The preferred fly  is a conehead,  on which 8 of these fish were caught.  Fish were caught over all four beats but mostly on the Snaa and Top Beats.

A total of 58 fish were caught for the month of July.


On the Upper Mourne there were a total of 15 fish landed in the month of June with several more lost. Three of the largest in size were between 11-14lbs.  A very good number of fish have been showing in most pools during the month.

Water levels remained low for most of the month except for the second weekend when they were high due to heavy rainfall the previous couple of days.

15 fish were caught between Friday 30th and Sunday 2nd July, one lucky angler landed 4 to his rod on Saturday. The two largest fish were around 11lbs to J. Irvine in Doaks using a Bann Special, and J. Hamilton Stubber in the Snaa using a Park Shrimp conehead.

Fish size ranged from small grilse 2.5lbs through to 11lbs. Early this week has seen little fishing due to rain and coloured water. When the Mourne clears good catches should be expected. Derg water is running clear.


There were a total of 9 fish caught for the month of May on the Upper Mourne, the largest being 9lb.  A good number of fish have taken the fly but haven’t been landed.

This May was a fairly dry month, resulting in little fishing activity.  Towards the end of the month a few days of rain resulted in high water therefore being unfishable.

There has been a steady run of fish moving through the pools, with fresh fish moving in most days.  We can report that there are plenty of fish for this time of year, so good prospects.

Time to wet the line!


In April a number of fish have been caught on the lower stretches of the River Mourne.  It is time to get booking…


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