Wind Farm

Bessy Bell wind farm is located on Bessy Bell mountain, part of the Baronscourt Estate. The development is situated at 320 m. above sea-level on a hillside adjacent to forestry land. It consists of ten 500kW turbines capable of an output of five megawatts, enough electricity to supply the needs of approximately 5-6,000 homes.

Wind energy is clean and efficient and because wind is a renewable source, it will never run out. Wind energy is now a successful and rapidly expanding world-wide industry. Conventional power stations burn fossil fuels which produce emissions of carbon dioxide (a contributor to global warming) as well as nitrogen oxides (linked to acid rain). Wind farms contribute none of these emissions to the environment and therefore help to reduce the environmental impact of generating electricity.

Bessy Bell wind farm is owned by Scottish and Southern Electricity PLC and all the electricity produced is sold to Northern Ireland Electricity.

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