Pike Fishing on Baronscourt Lakes

Pike Fishing

The Estate has on offer some of best Pike fishing in Ireland this is only available for fishermen staying in either the Governor’s Lodge or the Clock Tower.

Please note we DO NOT sell day tickets.

There are 3 lakes within the Baronscourt Estate:
Lough Catherine 91.51 acres
Lough Fanny 29.05 acres
Lough Mary 15.47 acres

All these are interconnected, with Lough Catherine discharging towards the River Derg. Pike fishing on the lakes is of a high standard and for a time the venue hosted the Northern Ireland Pike Fishing Championships.

Pike fishing is a main attraction at Baronscourt. The lakes are in pristine condition and are fished on a very infrequent basis – to allow the minimal amount of disturbance to the aquatic life & habitat. A 32lb fish is the largest pike caught on these waters in recent years. The best time of year is between April and October. Access to the fishery is only for guests staying in the Estate accommodation.  Pike fishing can be enjoyed on the lakes at Baronscourt throughout the year. Pike fishing is £17 per person per day and boat hire, if required, is £22 per boat per day.

Please note that the Estate operates a strict catch and release programme in order to conserve fish stocks and require that all hooks are debarbed.

Fishing Methods

The Pike fishing at Baronscourt lends itself very well to all the recognised and well-known methods, especially as anglers have the availability and mobility of excellent boats equipped with first class outboards and anchors, to explore and fish the many acres of the three lake system. A combination of river style, small and large lake fishing is on the doorstep, however there is a great deal of bank fishing available for either static fishing or wandering with a spinning rod.

Please note we DO NOT allow any live or dead bait fishing – due to the need to prevent disease and contamination from entering the lakes. Clients are not allowed to bring their own boats to the lakes.


Trolling is a very versatile method and again very successful in covering a great deal of water. The same tackle for static and float fishing can be used and we would recommend the use of a fish finder/depth sounder if available along with portable trolling locks to attach to the boat but neither are essential. Lures can be trolled.


Lure Fishing is a very successful method at Baronscourt. A stout 10ft spinning rod with a reasonable ball bearing spinning reel, capable of loading with at least 10/12lb mono is recommended. The Rapala Shad Rap is highly recommended; bright silver spoons and other such lures can equally work very well and the diversity of water conditions lends itself to experimentation.

On the Fly

Fly Fishing is again, a specialised technique and advice should be gained for novices. An 11ft single-handed grilse type fly rod capable of casting a 7/8 floating or sinking line is recommended with at least 30yds of backing line on the reel. Fly leaders of braid or stout nylon of 30lb plus should be used and bright gawdy Pike flies along with mouse patterns have proved successful.

All the above methods can be fished from either boat or bank and we strongly recommend that un-hooking mats, weigh slings, large fine mesh knotless landing nets and good quality forceps are included in the anglers equipment as the policy of conservation, safe and careful handling and catch and release of the Pike is thoughtfully adopted. We do not allow anglers retaining Pike in Keep Sacks. All hooks must be debarbed.

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