Shooting Terms & Conditions

1. Guns can be provided with suitable ammunition by the estate with prior notice. The Guns will provide their own weapons and suitable clothing, such as wet weather gear.

2. From driven shoots each Gun will be provided with a loader, who will supervise safety issues and load the gun for the person shooting. The loader will carry the firearm and ammunition between drives.

3. Abercorn Estates will provide all the necessary beaters, dog men appropriate for the shoot and their transport.

4. The shooting cost is exclusive of any tip to the keeper which is at the discretion of the gun and their enjoyment. £50.00 per gun per day is suggested. The loader will charge £50.00 – 60.00 per day paid directly to him by the gun. The Estate will provide a lunch for the guns. It is customary at the end of the day for the Estate to give each gun a brace of pheasants / ducks (game birds). Should the guns or their partners wish to purchase further game birds this can be arranged at normal cost.

5. All guns must have any necessary shotgun and game license, and also carry third party liability insurance of not less than £3 million. (Membership of the BASC or Countryside Alliance provides this automatically). Please provide evidence of this by post or fax or email, at time of paying the balance of the booking.

6. Guns will be provided with cartridges with fibre wads only. Guns should comply with all laws governing non-toxic shot, and bring suitable ammunition. We do not allow any semi-automatic or pump action shotguns. 410 bore and 28 bore shotguns are not allowed to be used for driven game bird shooting due to the increased likelihood of the wounding of these birds.

7. The Estate’s decision (to include the Head Keeper or authorised agent) as to the running of the day(s) is absolutely final. If in the opinion of the Head Keeper anyone misbehaves or is unsafe, then he/she will be asked either not to shoot or to leave immediately with no refund whatsoever. The Estate will use its best endeavors to ensure that there is “sufficient opportunity” for the guns to shoot their agreed bag expectancy. It is expected that a shot to kill ration of 4:1 is a deemed as “sufficient
opportunity”. At the point of the day’s shooting, the bag expectancy will be deemed to have been reached when the
number of cartridges fired is a 4:1 ratio with the previously agreed bag expectancy, for example a 300 bird day will be reached when 1,200 shots have been fired. In the event, that more game birds has been shot than the agreed bag expectancy i.e. the paid for amount, the estate will levy a charge on each additional bird shot at the same price as the quoted amount.

8. Any person making a booking is responsible for taking out any necessary insurance with regard to cancellation of any or all the days for whatever reason to include their illness, bad weather, disruption by a third party or a ban on shooting. The person making the booking shall be responsible for all his/her guests, invitees and other guns and also for ensuring they abide by the terms and conditions herein contained.

9. 50% deposit of the total estimated cost is payable upon receiving the deposit invoice, as confirmation of booking. This shall be non-returnable in the event of a cancellation by the person making the booking unless the day/s can be re-let. In the event of a cancellation by the Estate the deposit shall be returned in full. The remaining 50% shall be paid in full 90 days before arrival.

10. The Estate reserves the right to cancel any day or part day for whatever reason and in this case all deposit and any other monies previously paid for that day or part day shall be repaid in full within ten days of the date of notification of cancellation. The Estate shall not be liable for any additional or other losses the person making the booking may incur as a result of such cancellation.

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