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Driven Woodcock

Driven Woodcock Shooting, Northern Ireland

Baronscourt Estate offers specialised driven woodcock shooting. Driven woodcock have always been considered the ultimate sporting birds and a flushed woodcock is a very testing bird even for the most experienced shot.

Woodcock arrive in Ireland every year from their breeding grounds in Scandinavia, Finland and Russia. At Baronscourt we adopt a strict limit on the number of days that we allocate to woodcock shooting due to self-imposed conservation reasons. As a result we only offer four days woodcock shooting per moon cycle. This type of shooting of wild birds is best enjoyed by true sportsmen and women, who relish a challenging day whilst retaining great respect for the countryside.

Baronscourt attracts a high number of woodcock due to its mild winter climate and its type of cover and feeding grounds. Much of the woodland cover has been carefully managed to create the perfect habitat for woodcock and yet allows the guns to take both a sporting and safe shot. Eight guns is the ideal number and there is a minimum charge per day based on eight guns. Snipe, pheasant and duck might also be encountered on the shoot.

All the arrangements for shooting are made by the Estate including transport and lunch either on the Estate or in a nearby pub. The shoot is led by the Head Gamekeeper together with a team of highly experienced beaters and their well-trained dogs. All booking are made subject to our booking conditions, please request a copy.

Due to the nature of the terrain we do advise that all guns are in a fit enough condition to walk over uneven, slippery and hilly ground. The shooting is let on a two-day basis, with three nights accommodation provided on the Estate in the Governor’s Lodge and Clock Tower, both 4 star rated by NITB, on a self-catered basis, full catering can be provided upon request.

No guarantee is given as to the bag limit due to the fact that this is wild game shooting. We would hope to flush between 30-50 birds per day, and depending on the quality of the guns, the bag should be between 12-19 per day. The Estate will however use its expert knowledge and best endeavors to provide the ultimate sporting experience.

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