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2023, we are delighted to announce that our Wild Sika Venison Loin was awarded 3 gold stars in this year Great Taste Awards. Our Wild Sika Venison French Rack was also award 3 gold stars, along with our Wild Sika Venison Burger which received 1 gold star.

2022, Wild Sika Venison Loin from Baronscourt Estate is awarded top accolade for taste in Northern Ireland for 2022.  At the ceremony held at Southwark Cathedral, the Great Taste Golden Fork trophy for Northern Ireland was awarded to Baronscourt Estate from Tyrone for its Wild Sika Venison Loin, described as having “flavours of game and natural sweetness which balance beautifully and sing out” and “a rich red colour”. The Wild Sika Venison Loin comes from wild sika deer that roam Baronscourt Estate.

2021, another year and another big achievement for our Wild Sika Venison. We always feel so lucky and proud when our products are recognised through such prestigious awards. Awarded by the Great Taste Awards 2021 our venison achieved, 2 gold stars for French Rack, 1 gold star for Loin, 1 gold star for our Burgers and, 1 gold star for our Sausages.

2020, we are again so pleased and proud to be awarded by the Great Taste Awards (GTA), 3 gold stars for the French rack, 2 gold stars for the loin, and 1 gold star for our venison burger .

2019, we were delighted to be awarded by the Great Taste Awards (GTA), 2 gold stars for the venison loin, 2 gold stars for the French rack, and 1 gold star for our venison sausage.

2018,  we did not enter any food awards.

2017, was a fabulous year for Baronscourt Estate’s venison once again. We still can’t believe it when we received one of these prestigious accolades. This is one of our finest years yet, and another one for Northern Irish Produce as a whole, with 7 producers being awarded 3 gold stars. Only 165 of these are awarded out of 12,366 entries.  We were awarded 3 gold stars for the venison loin, 2 gold stars for the venison burger, and 1 gold star for our venison sausage.

2016, we were awarded 1 Gold Star (GTA) for the venison French Rack

2015, we won the prestigious Great Taste Awards Regional Winner for Northern Ireland, and presented with a golden fork.  In addition we were also one of only 50 food products to be selected to be in the “Top 50 food” category for our  3 Gold Star French Rack, in addition we were awarded 1 Gold Star for the venison loin and 1 Gold Star for the venison sausage.

2014, marked our first time we entered into the Great Taste Awards.  We were very keen to get some professional feedback for our produce.  To our delight and amazement we were awarded 3 Gold Star for our venison loin.  The venison loin was also then selected to be in their Top 50 food category, we were blown away by this!!!  In addition we were awarded 2 Gold Star  for the venison French rack.  The helpful critique and feedback from the judges of our venison sausage and venison burger gave us confidence to refine our recipes which reaped benefits in the years to come.


Judges Comments:

Wild Sika Venison Loin 3 Stars

Wild Sika Venison Loin 3 Stars

“A neat little venison loin on the platter, offering hope of fine flavour and a gentle nature. Remarkably tender, but having a real richness and a gamey note that more than fulfilled its potential”

“Gamey but fresh aroma, melts in the mouth with a bit of calf’s liver quality, a possible hint of grassiness from the forage. Quite delicate, the flavour does not linger but is subtle”

“Well it’s simple perfection, there’s nothing more to say. A privilege to taste this”

“Beautifully juicy and richly flavoured. Very lean and well flavoured venison”

Wild Sika Venison French Rack 2 Stars

Wild Sika Venison French Rack 2 Stars

“A pretty rack of venison here offering promise of good times ahead. Did they arrive? Oh yes! A rich gamey meat with tender attributes”

“A well trimmed rack of venison with a rich dark colour and succulent on first bite. The texture is meltingly soft. The flavour is very natural, almost delicate but with very clean venison characteristics. The texture is very good – no graininess at all”

“Very tender. Flavour is extremely delicate”

“Really well flavoured venison, very juicy and tender. Good looking, well butchered cut”

Wild Sika Venison Burger 2 Stars

Wild Sika Venison Burger 2 Stars

“Delicious-looking burgers with a rich, sweet, meaty aroma. It looks like it’s a coarse mince but we were amazed on eating at how soft it is. It almost melts. One judge who doesn’t like venison really liked it”

“This is Great Taste awards – it delivered!”

“Attractive rustic looking burgers, not too regular. We liked the softness of the meat and distinctive flavour with a balance of sweetness and gaminess – seasoning very good”

“A good looking burger, very moist and soft to the tooth – the flavour of venison is wonderful. Rich, good fat, sweetness and a balance of seasoning – well done and keep making these burgers!”

Wild Sika Venison Sausage 1 Star

Wild Sika Venison Sausage 1 Star

“These look handmade and rustic, with a rich colour, a deep venison smell and a good close texture. The first taste is promising”.

“We like the well cooked chipolata style appearance, the aroma is nice and natural, and we like the delicate flavour notes. The game flavour profile comes through well too. We like the grind of the meat and seasoning too”

“A well filled sausage. We like the venison: its moisture level and the lingering richness on the palate”

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