‘Naturally Wild since 1751‘

Baronscourt Estate is the home of Ireland’s finest wild venison, situated in the foothills of the famous Sperrin Mountains in County Tyrone. The herd of Japanese Sika deer were initially introduced into a deer park in 1751, but since 1920 they have existed wild on the Estate. Baronscourt’s Sika deer thrive in our forests and woodlands on the Estate’s natural and nourishing flora and fauna. Throughout the year they feed on succulent myrtle bog, ryegrass and tasty saplings which are naturally free of any additives or growth promoters.

As the origin of our food becomes increasingly important, we know that traceability is key – something which we can stand over. We are highly selective of the quality of meat due to rigorous training of our expert stalkers, as well as the food preparation in our EU approved game handling facility. All our meat is vet inspected and passed before leaving the Estate.

Baronscourt wild venison a sustainable source of meat; an annual deer count is arranged each year by our trained stalkers who assess the population and its general health. A selective cull takes place in order to balance the breeding population with the likely food source for the season. The Estate’s detailed management of this herd was recognised when it received the Laurent Perrier Award for Wild Game Conservation. Sika is a very lean and succulent meat, having the lowest calories and cholesterol levels compared to any other red meat products. Combined with the high levels of protein; venison can be classified as a red meat “super food”.

In addition to high quality venison, the Estate also produces oven ready Pheasants and Ducks during the season, all of which are home reared. As Game is a seasonal product, the availability runs between October and March and as a result, all Baronscourt Game products are assured to be both fresh and of the highest quality. Our range of products have been specifically created with the naturally wild, yet unique and practical elements in mind. We know it will ‘hit the spot’ for your winter dishes!

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