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Seasoned Firewood – Jumbo Bag & Pallet

Seasoned Firewood – Jumbo Bag & Pallet

Baronscourt Firewood

A RENEWABLE SOURCE OF HEAT ENERGY Baronscourt firewood is harvested from our own woods, and is naturally well-seasoned and sold in jumbo bags and pallets.

We have qualified for continued membership of the ‘Forestry Stewardship Council’ certification scheme by demonstrating sustainable and responsible management of our 1,150 ha of extensive woodland.

Why you should buy Baronscourt Firewood

  • It has been well seasoned (processed firewood can vary in diameter size and is not consistent).
  • Clean, compact product – easily stored and handled.
  • Located from a local, sustainable and fully certified source.
  • Wood fuel is a major source of renewable heat energy and when burnt efficiently, produces virtually no smoke.
  • Softwood and Hardwood available.
  • Sold in bulk in jumbo bags or on pallets.

The Importance of Dry Timber

  • Using Spruce as an example, 1 cubic metre of fresh felled timber weighs about 1 tonne, or 1000kg, and contains up to 600kg of moisture.
  • Heat energy comes from dry wood only.  Energy is therefore lost as it is used to convert moisture into steam.
  • Baronscourt firewood is well seasoned, therefore moisture content is low.


  • Baronscourt firewood is an environmentally friendly and a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Available in jumbo bags or on pallets only.

Delivery is no longer available.  Please telephone the Baronscourt Estate Office on (028) 8166 1683 to arrange loading of firewood being collected.

The diameter size of split logs varies and is not graded.

Opening Hours for collections      Monday-Friday       9am-4.30pm

  • Large Round Pallet
    • Hardwood Firewood
    • 25cm
    • (1.3m wide x 1.6m high)
  • Large Jumbo Bag
    • Hardwood Firewood
    • 20cm logs
    • (95cm x 95cm x 110cm)
    • (1m³)
  • Small Jumbo Bag
    • Softwood Firewood
    • 20cm logs
    • (1m x 1m x 1m high)
  • Large Jumbo Bag
    • Softwood Firewood
    • 20cm logs
    • -
  • Large Round Pallet
    • Softwood Firewood
    • 25cm logs
    • (1.3m wide x 1.6m high)
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