Baronscourt Estate

Mini Driven Shooting

Mini Driven Shooting

Baronscourt Estate has a well established reputation for providing good quality mini driven shooting. This sport is typically enjoyed by those people that have an appreciation for the outdoors and who enjoy a good walk for their quarry.

A typical day will combine some walking and a number of small pheasant drives. Mixed game shooting can be arrange for pheasant and duck. The Estate lets a number of days each season to a group of guns normally made up of between 8 – 10 people. Depending on the month this will dictate the bag expectancy normally in October and November this will be around 100 birds per day, with December and January around 75-100 birds. Lunch is provided by the Estate as part of the shoot day.

All participants need to be relatively fit and able to walk over uneven ground, they should be experienced with all safety aspects of shooting, and all participating guns must have valid public liability insurance. As we take safety very seriously this is not a shoot venue for novices or beginners.

The day normally starts at 9.30am, with a break for lunch at 1pm, and ends at around 3.30pm – 4.00pm.

The Estate will provide transportation for the guns and supply all necessary beaters and dogs.

Ammunition can be arranged with prior notice.

Please call to discuss your shoot requirements, possible dates and prices. All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

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