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It’s been a while since our last blog so there’s a few bits and pieces to cover. The beginning of 2015 saw some wild weather which caused damage to some of the older hardwood trees within the Estate, breaking off limbs or blowing the trees over altogether. Tidying up this damage has produced timber which is being cut into lengths, split and stacked to season for next Winter’s firewood.

How we do it The Estate uses high production machinery for continuous thinning operations to harvest our crop.

We also use other methods for felling using chainsaws and horse extraction. Mainly used in areas where the ground is soft and in areas where the regeneration of trees, flora and fauna are important. The horses in particular come into their own when the gaps in the woodland are steep and narrow.

R J Woodland Services continue to play a part in the clearance of timber from areas of the Estate. This is real horse power, thank you Billy and Dan.

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